Saturday, January 21, 2012

Recent Logos

I'm showing off some of the last several logos I've completed and promoting the bands a bit. While drawing logos certainly isn't my favorite creative endeavor to take on, it does offer a lot of ego gratification and association with the band, since unlike most illustration, a logo is used repeatedly for everything a band puts out and is thus even more intrinsically linked with the band's imagery. This is even more true for a label, who will usually have the logo on every release they put out. 

Logo for Cygnus, a Canadian stoner doom metal band that shares a guitarist with Begrime Exemious. Their excellent demo "Heresy of the Stargazer" is still available on pro tape from Dark Descent. 

Logo of Adversarial, an absolutely amazing black/death metal band who are also from Canada and are also signed to Dark Descent. 

Borrowed Time's logo has been shown plenty on this blog already, but here here it is again just to be comprehensive. Even though it's one of the more simplistic logos I've done so far, a deceptive amount of thought and planning went into it's overall look.

Logo for Helgardh, a black metal band from West Virginia, USA. Like many bands, one of their members (who I have known for a while) asked me about doing a logo for them, and like many bands, didn't say anything after I gave him my current price and terms for doing logos. Unlike most people who do this, a year or two later I received payment and a description for a logo. Kudos to Helgardh for being the first band to do this. I recently heard them play live for the first time, and it seems like Josh has stepped up his game a bit from the more primitive Serimortem, although they still need to work on their image a bit.

Logo for Circle of Iron, a power/thrash metal band from my area. Although I'm still not completely sure of what they sound like, it seems that they know how to write a few good riffs from some of the raw video I've seen of them playing live. My buddy Paul, whom was responsible for getting me to a lot of shows over the last half of a decade or more, plays bass for them after not having been in a band for a while, and it was pretty much a given that I contribute to their ascetics.

Logo for Chapel of Ruin. I was shocked as hell when I learned that a bunch of high school students that practically lived down the street from me where in a death metal band and where fans of Bolt Thrower, Cannibal Corpse and Warhammer 40k. They're certainly on the right track for now, especially for being so young when most people their age are listening to shitty metalcore or worse, and will hopefully continue to advance on the same track. 

Logo for Jotunn, another band of youngsters with decent taste in music from around Charlottesville, Virginia, USA playing black/thrash metal. I admittedly kind of cranked out this logo rather quickly, and still plan on going back and redesigning it to be a little more impressive one of these days.

As well as bands, I've done logos for a few great labels recently:

Logo for Dark Descent Records, whom has been cranking out release after release of promising rising stars as well as unearthed cult favorite reissues. 

Logo for Northern Blackened Hatred, a label basically created by members of Vaettir to put their own releases out. If I'm not mistaken they do plan on branching out and putting out other band's work as well. 

Logo for Promethean Burn Records, a new label run by my good friend and fellow chaosmonger Cathy "Vorfeed". Her first few releases have been and will be rather impressive band merchandise, but she will begin putting out CD and vinyl releases in the near future. 

Logo for Graveless Slumber Records out of North Carolina, USA. This rather obscure label puts out a lot of great black metal, and I wanted to update his logo to reflect that. I worked with pretty much the same components as his last logo, but rendered them in a more fitting and sinister fashion.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Ares Kingdom Hooded Sweatshirt

I am finally finished with the work for this fairly massive project. It will be up for pre-order from soon.