Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Funeral Empire Zine IV

After a whole lot of delays (this was supposed to be out by Memorial Day) for a whole lot of reasons, and coming very close to not being printed, this zine is finally at the printers and will come back either today or tomorrow.

I mostly contributed the layout and many of the interviews and reviews this time around, only doing the illustration for the cover. I feel that I should have done more extensive illustration for the rest of the zine, but I was too distracted by other commissions and trying to pull together all of the material from the two other writers. This really let me try my hand at writing several lengthy interviews, this time with Father Befouled, Blaspherian, Wastelander (their last interview?) and Satan's Satyrs, as well as continue to hone my ability to write a review that doesn't sound like it came from an over enthusiastic retard.

I'll have a small pile of these to sell and trade with friends. The bulk of them are going to Diabolic Distribution in Baltimore, and a few will go to Planet Metal in Chicago and He Wang, also in Baltimore.

I'll be starting on my own independent zine soon, which will ideally be a lot bigger, more lavishly illustrated and more atypical, but will obviously take me a lot longer.